We get everything you are entitled to when completing your tax return, leaving no stone left unturned.

Tax Returns

Deceased Estates

Rental Properties

Capital Gains Tax

Tax Returns

Not sure what you can include in your tax return or don’t want to get it wrong? Tax is a very complex area, but that’s what we’re trained for. We ensure your tax return is compliant and the best tax outcome is achieved. We can do your tax return by phone call, email or you can post your work to us. Our tax returns are affordable starting at $132 for a standard return and you will get an upfront price right from the start so you have no surprises.

In particular we can help with:

  • Ensuring all possible expenses are considered
  • Rental schedules
  • Sole trader business schedules
  • Foreign income schedules
  • Capital gains tax calculations with sales of property and shares
  • Late tax returns
We are experts in income tax returns. Our clients cover many industries such as Defence, Health, Education, IT, Consulting, Construction, Hospitality and Real Estate just to name a few.

Deceased Estates

Do you act as the executor of an estate and need assistance with tidying up the tax affairs of your loved one? We can help you at this time, sensitively assisting and guiding at your pace.

We can assist with:

  • Completing any outstanding returns and the final tax return
  • If necessary, apply for a TFN for the deceased estate
  • Complete the deceased estate tax returns until assets have been sold
  • Calculate the tax payable
If you need help in this area, please give us a call. We are here to support you.

Rental Properties

As you may be aware, the rental income and expenses from the property must be included in your tax return along with any capital gain or loss details on any subsequent sale. We make sure that you are claiming all possible expenses and maximising them to their fullest potential.

While working on your tax return we will make sure everything is considered such as:

  • Quantity surveyor reports for depreciation
  • Borrowing costs
  • Capital gains tax
  • PAYGW Variation availability for negatively geared properties
Thinking about buying an investment property? Contact us to confirm the best entity to buy the property through and what records you need to keep.

Capital Gains Tax

Most investment assets will be subject to capital gains tax. There are exemptions and discounts available depending on your situation and what type of asset you sold. We assist with calculations for the sale of the asset to ensure the least tax is paid by:

  • Applying any exemptions
  • Applying any discounts
  • Calculating the correct cost base (including costs to acquire the asset)
  • Apportioning for any private use
  • Applying and carried forward capital losses
Planning is a bonus when you know that you wish to sell your asset for example, choosing to sell the asset in a year that you know your income is low from other sources, or selling a poorly performing investment at the same time as the one that has a gain so that the loss from one offsets the gain of the other. However, be mindful of the “Wash sale” rules.

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