69 Marketing strategies to get leads

With advertising being such an important part of attracting a lead, we have put together 69 different marketing strategies that can be implemented.  Although some methods listed below are more for building brand recognition such as having staff in shirts with a logo and name badges, other types of advertising will need to be monitored to see if the amount invested on it actually does bring in a return of a lead.
▪️ Facebook business page▪️ Spotter fees▪️ Name Badges
▪️ Facebook ads▪️ Logo shirts, hats▪️ Facebook Community groups
▪️ Google ads▪️ Radio ads▪️ Local Business Awards
▪️ Google my business▪️ Cinema ads▪️ Workshops
▪️ Google reviews▪️ Blogs▪️ Pub Coasters
▪️ Brochure drops▪️ Linkedin▪️ Strategic alliances
▪️ Local news paper advertising▪️ Cold Calls▪️ You tube channel
▪️ Merchandise eg: pens▪️ Car signage▪️ Tik tok
▪️ Website▪️ Flags▪️ Email signature with services
▪️ Networking groups such as BNI▪️ Office signage▪️ Webinars
▪️ Local Chamber of Commerce▪️ Newsletters▪️ Instagram
▪️ Word of Mouth▪️ Professional memberships▪️ Business card
▪️ Oneflare▪️ Twitter▪️ Retractable banners
▪️ Bark▪️ Pinterest▪️ Podcasts
▪️ Expos▪️ Editorials▪️ Facebook recommendation
▪️ Trade shows▪️ Whitepaper▪️ Ebook
▪️ Billboards▪️ Case study▪️ Video
▪️ School Newsletters▪️ Giveaway eg: checklist▪️ Sandwich board
▪️ Sponsorships▪️ Gumtree▪️ Influencer marketing
▪️ Trophy awards for local schools▪️ Car advertising flag▪️ Tradeshow table cover
▪️ Pop up store▪️ Deal sites▪️ Contests
▪️ Wow Box▪️ Bus stop signs▪️ Bus signage
▪️ Solar ad trailers▪️ Direct mail▪️ Speaker at local events
Should you wish to discuss marketing more and what that means for your business, give us a call at LA Accountants on 07 3155 6596.

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